Friday, January 31, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Bernie from GA
"The intense lemon flavor is great!  I zested a couple of lemons and cooked it with the filling.  I used 4 egg yolks instead of just 3 since I did not want to be stuck with the odd yolk after separating the ggs for the meringue.  I piped the meringue on with a star tip.  I made my pie in an 8.5 inch tart pan with a removable bottom, which made it wasy to slide out on the cake stand."
Justin from MD
"I'm happy with the way this pie turned out!  I never made meringue pie before!  The pie has a great lemon taste!" 
Missy from MA
"My all time favorite dessert is key lime pie, so this perfectly citrus lemon meringue pie was right up my alley!  Just the right balance of sweet and slightly tart.  It could have been a little more tart in my opinion, but I think the addition of the cream in the filling mellowed the flavors out a bit, but it also gave the filling a nice rich smoothness.  A nice shift from the typical warm spiced and chocolate desserts of winter!
Sue from NJ
"I still have a lot to learn about pies, but it's always fun to try.  I followed the recipe as closely as possible... looking forward to a taste this evening."

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