Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Did Someone Say, "Cake?"

Bernie from GA
"The cake itself turned out wonderfully moist and tasty.  I cooked the filling until "caramel colored."  It looked fine when I frosted the cake but it crystalized as it cooled further.  Instead of a gooey filling, it was more like pralines, so it was still very yummy." 

Liz from CA
"My best friend gave me the Beekman 1802 Deluxe Cheese party-in-a-box this Christmas.  I decided to share my cheese with a Beekman inspired dinner.  On the menu, Blaak cheese with fruits, rosemary spiced nuts, dandelion salad, Blaak mac-and-cheese, homemade English muffins with rosemary creamed honey (hence the toaster on the table), sautéed chicken with apples, German Chocolate cake, and my favorite, roasted caramel pears!"
Maria from IL
"My husband really loves German Chocolate Cake and I found this recipe pretty easy to do.  It gave me an excuse to use up the can of Coco Lopez in the pantry and the rest of the sweetened coconut that I had in there too!  I toasted the pecans ahead of time to kick up the nuttiness and the cakes both turned out great!"
Missy from MA
"This recipe looked fairly traditional and rich, for sure.  My husband was slightly concerned that it would not be 'chocolatey' enough considering only 4 ounces of chocolate are in it, but I assured him it would be sweet and rich.  It didn't disappoint!  My cakes didn't come out as pretty as I hoped, but I may have over whipped the whites and/or didn't fold them in well enough.  Either way, it didn't affect the taste or moist texture.  The topping was so flavorful!  My take on recipes that have this much butter in them is that you can't go wrong if you follow the instructions.  This cake was no exception!" 
Sue from NJ
"Good thing school was closed (aka work)... it gave me plenty of time to bake this cake twice!  Ok, the first cake was totally my fault.  My intent was to use a pan I usually bake cakes in and cut the cake in to two after.. lesson learned; that didn't work.  After a little research of what I could substitute German chocolate with, I was successful using pans as described in the recipe.  This was a first time for me doing a frosting completely in a saucepan and it was interesting watching it go through changes as it cooked. I'm looking forward to giving it a taste later!"

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