Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chocolate and Malt Goodness

Liz from CA
"I am always jealous of everyone's fabulous professional looking food photos.  I love to bake, but lack photography skills, fancy lighting, and camera.  I was excited to take a pic with a good location.  Malted Milk Chocolate Cake by the Golden Gate Bridge with beautiful weather.  Eat your heart out! "
Bernie from GA
"I baked mine in a 10x10 square metal pan.  Chopping maltballs was a little tricky, I ended up cutting each in half one at a time.  The second picture is the cake right before baking.  Picture 3, cake was almost baked but the maltballs already disappeared into the batter.  I sprinkled a few extra maltballs on top during the last few minutes of baking.  I unmolded the cake and took it to a potluck on a cakestand.  It was a big hit!"
Maria from IL
"I had high hopes for this cake as I LOVE chocolate!  After I had baked it, I was about to put some frosting on it, but my 8-year old daughter pleaded me not to.  So, I didn't and I gave her a piece to try.  She LOVED it!  She recently has been into Whoppers candy and this was a step up!  I will definitely bake this again.  It was really moist and extra yummy!  Next time I will put some chocolate peanut butter frosting on top." 
John from MI
"I made the Malted Milk Chocolate cake into cupcakes!  I LOVE cupcakes and topped them with a malted milk chocolate icing I got from Martha's website.  I was hoping the icing would have been stiff enough to be piped into a swirl on top of each cupcake, but unfortunately, it wouldn't hold its shape.  It spread nicely, and kind of hardens like Hostess Cupcake icing, which isn't a bad thing either!"
Sue from NJ
"That's darn good!" was the quote from my husband when he got to sample the batter.  What a fun cake, easy to bake, and tastes great too!  Thanks for letting me choose this weeks selection;  I can't wait to see what is up next!" 
Justin from MD
"I love this cake!  It was easy and fun to make!  I was finally able to use my new Kitchen Aid mixer I received for Christmas.  I love the way the cake looks and tastes."

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