Sunday, April 27, 2014

Banana Pudding with Vanilla Wafers

A classic to bring back those childhood memories. Effective this week, we'll be running recipes for TWO WEEKS. I've received some feedback that trying to do a recipe a week was a bit difficult (on the budget, the waistline, as well as on the schedule.)

How creative can YOU get with banana pudding? 

The Pancake is Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!

Maria from IL
" The pancake cake was a recipe I'd been wanting to try for a while since it was the one pictured on the cover.  It was super easy to make the pancakes, but I was nervous about flipping them.  I managed to get five 8-9" pancakes out of the recipe and assembled the cake the next day.  My kids loved the 6" extra pancake by itself and I think I will use this recipe for regular pancakes from now on!  I think for the filling though, I may use a sweet filling versus the more cheese/yogurt flavored filling, which was good especially with the maple syrup on top, but I think it was a bit too powerful.  Love this dessert though!" 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cake for Breakfast?

This week, we'll take one look at the book cover for our recipe inspiration.  How will you shake up this recipe and make it your own?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Playing Catch Up

We all have busy lives and sometimes you 'want' to bake, but your schedule just allow you the time to do so.  This is your make-up week.  Select one of the recipes you missed (or if you haven't missed a week... make your favorite again) to make and share! 

Creamy Chocolatey Goodness!

Maria from IL
"This was quite a challenging recipe for me to do mostly because I had to make the vanilla pastry cream for the filling.  After two tries,  the first forgetting to put sour cream and whipping cream into it.  I was successful! Instead of making one large 9x13 pan, I separated it into six mini chocolate éclair pies.  It turned out great!  I used graham cracker crumbs instead of whole crackers.  Suffice to say, it will be different next time!  It's a yummy and rich dessert.  I love it!"

Sue from NJ
"Chocolate Éclair Pie.  It's one of those moments when mine doesn't look like the photo in the cookbook.. but yummy it is!!  I can see how it can only get better looking the more I try it and I most definitely will.  I used boxed crackers,  but will attempt making the ones in the book in the future.  I let the glaze cool too much before spreading and I believe my cream could use more practice... but it tastes great!  I'm still having fun trying new recipes..thanks!"