Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Strudel Anyone?

John from MI
"My Mother really loved the Apple Strudel.  She did think the ginger was a tad overwhelming and would have loved it with cinnamon.  I loved making my own puff pastry and still have some left.  Hmmm.. what to do with it?"
Anne from MI
"My strudel!  It came out of the oven 15 minutes before the power went out here in Michigan!  A lovely snack on a cold winter's night!"
Barbara from MA
"This was a pretty easy chore!  I love the addition of the ginger.  Nice treat on a fall day!"
Bernie from GA
"This was a fun recipe that came together quickly.  I could not find "all butter" puff pastry and did not have time to make my own, so I went with what was the only brand available at the local supermarket.  I had a bunch of apples (various varieties, some a little old) that needed to be used up so went ahead and doubled the recipe.  I used regular breadcrumbs instead of Panko.  I assembled my strudel right on the baking sheet, trying the assembly technique suggested by Missy and it was not too hard.  The strudel did however take over an hour finally brown properly and also leaked lots of juices onto the pan.  I'm glad I doubled the recipe since it is delicious.  Apple and ginger is definitely a winning combination."

Missy from MA
"Loved this recipe.  Simple and delicious.  I thought the candied ginger added a real nice note.  I used Granny Smith apples in this recipe to keep the sweetness level down, though I did add an extra couple of tablespoons of sugar to the filling.  Next time I would use Braeburn, Fiji, or Honey Crisp apples though for a more distinct apple flavor.  When I was shopping for puff pastry, I discovered my store had only one box left of the "all butter" variety and boy am I glad I was able to get it.  What a really delicious and easy product to work with.  The brand that I bought was "Goodwives" and they are local here out of MA.  I've seen this pastry braid technique on Pinterest several times so I just had to try it. It was easy and I think it makes for a lovely presentation." 

Minka from MA
"My Mom used to make her own dough and I have great memories of her stretching it out over the entire kitchen table.  I especially loved it when she made cherry strudel.  Maria from IL, your dough looks so think, almost as though you had made it from scratch.  I couldn't find the all butter type at my store, perhaps that's the difference.  Nevertheless, it was very good and didn't last very long.  Doubling the batch would be a good idea.  I would also try a firmer apple next time, roll the dough out as thin as possible and add some cinnamon." 

Maria from IL
"Although this was a simple recipe, the whole rolling it like a jelly-roll was kinda like rolling a Chipotle burrito.  It was really full of apples!  Suffice to say, it looks like it worked though and I think I may have to work on making it look prettier.  I still have more apples to use up!"

Justin from MD
"I love the way this turned out.  Never made anything like it before, will definitely make this again!"
Sue from NJ
"Why make one when you can make two?  This was my first time attempting to crystalize ginger.  First time making strudel.  My house smells great and I expect the strudel to be great too!"

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