Sunday, April 6, 2014

Creamy Chocolatey Goodness!

Maria from IL
"This was quite a challenging recipe for me to do mostly because I had to make the vanilla pastry cream for the filling.  After two tries,  the first forgetting to put sour cream and whipping cream into it.  I was successful! Instead of making one large 9x13 pan, I separated it into six mini chocolate éclair pies.  It turned out great!  I used graham cracker crumbs instead of whole crackers.  Suffice to say, it will be different next time!  It's a yummy and rich dessert.  I love it!"

Sue from NJ
"Chocolate Éclair Pie.  It's one of those moments when mine doesn't look like the photo in the cookbook.. but yummy it is!!  I can see how it can only get better looking the more I try it and I most definitely will.  I used boxed crackers,  but will attempt making the ones in the book in the future.  I let the glaze cool too much before spreading and I believe my cream could use more practice... but it tastes great!  I'm still having fun trying new recipes..thanks!" 

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