Sunday, December 8, 2013

Your Holiday Yule Log - Good Enough to Eat!

Nothing says 'traditional Christmas' more than a beautiful Yule Log dessert!  Here's what you created:

Maria from IL
"I did not make the mushroom meringues (perhaps later..), but it tasted good and turned out very interesting looking.  I love the way it looked and I think doing a full log (I did two mini logs this time) would make it that much more cool.  I will attempt this again another time!"

Bernie from GA
"The Yule log tastes great.  It took us mere minutes to eat the whole thing.  I followed the recipe exactly except I used fresh raspberries and drew upon my previous Yule log baking experience and tied the cake with ribbon rolled up in a towel so it would chill in a nice shape.  I skipped the mushrooms since I typically have bad luck baking them in rainy weather (it has been pouring nonstop here).  I served the log with rosewater macaroons I had made earlier.  I might also try rolling the log from the longer side next time to get a longer log."

Sue from NJ
"Everything tastes great!  All steps were easy to follow, but it does take time from start to finish. I tried to follow as closely as possible with ingredients and procedures.  My biggest challenge is rolling the cake back up with filling and not having it break (is there a secret I could learn)?  I had the most fun with the meringues!  I joined the blog to expand my experiences in baking, and these recipes do not disappoint!  Thanks!"

Carrie from OR
"This recipe put me in the "Christmas Spirit" today.  I have been baking for over 30 years and never made one of these because I thought it was so hard to do.  This recipe was easy and everything came together so quick.  I used a whipped cream icing inside my Yule Log and used rosemary to look like pine branches, with cranberries and a sprinkling of powdered sugar as snow, giving it a festive look!"


  1. Carrie - it looks amazing! Love the addition of rosemary and cranberries!

  2. Carrie, like you, I had never made a yule log until a few years ago. It's easier than we thought! Yours is beautiful.

    Sue, I agree that the meringues are fun! Great job.