Wednesday, December 11, 2013

For All the Marbles

Anne from MI
"They had me at bourbon!  I had a chance to make the Marble Pound Cake as cupcakes tonight.. Love them!"
John from MI
"The Marble Cake was quite easy to make.  I look forward to utilizing the recipe when company stops by!"
Maria from IL
"I found this was an interesting recipe, easy to do, but I found that maybe my bundt pan was a bit deep, but I felt using a bit less of the chocolate batter would have made the marbling effect better.  It was a great cake!  I love the addition of bourbon!"

Missy from MA
"We loved this pound cake!  My husband was happy to see it included chocolate AND booze.  Ha!  I topped it with some fresh whipped cream and candy cane crumble, of course!  We have transitioned to full Christmas mode over here." 

Sue from NJ
"Yum!  I will definitely make this again!  I loved the bourbon in the chocolate portion!"

Debbie from NY
"Since I had all the ingredients on hand for this marble pound cake from the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Dessert cookbook, I decided it was time use my new cookbook.  The cake was easy enough to bake as a weeknight treat.  We have been enjoying a slice after dinner with coffee.  I'm going to freeze the rest and experiment by serving it with a decadent chocolate ganache glaze and a small dollop of either clementine or peppermint ice cream during the holiday season."


  1. Ohhh. Peppermint ice cream sounds like a great idea. I love the depth and richness of this cake and the bourbon definitely sets it apart. I didn't care for the breadcrumbs, so I might try sugar or something else in the pan next time.

  2. wonderful baking ideas you got there, i will definitely try them out.