Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Your Creations: Roasted Caramel Pears

Warm and sweet, the Roasted Caramel Pear recipe is the perfect ending to an autumnal dinner. 

Anne from MI
"I love these gorgeous roasted caramel pears.  I left out the cloves, but then dusted the pated pears with pumpkin pie spice and a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. YUM!" 

Maria from IL
"Being a baker, I was thrown a bit with this particular dessert.  It seemed easy enough, but I wanted to create this dessert "outside of the box" and put my own spin on int.  So, while it was a simple but lovingly light dessert, I took it to another level.. I used four different pears.  You should have seen me in the grocery store discerning the stems and the shapes of each pear for its "Food Photo-worthiness."
I present to you, the "Beekman 1802 Quartet of Pears:  A Pear Flight of Fancy."  I used Bartlett, Bosc, Green Anjou and Red Anjou pears.  I love to take food pictures, so it gave me a challenge!  I think it turned out pretty well and let me just say that the Bosc and the Green Anjou were the best pears to use.  They imparted the salted caramel sauce so well.  I will agree with the others, the caramel sauce is "lick the plate clean" worthy!   

Kelly from PA
"Nice and easy recipe.  Smells incredible.  My husband is eating one now and said that it was tasty!"

Minka from MA
"This dessert was perfect for a chilly autumn night.  The luscious pear infused sauce brought us warm thoughts of our son who is working in Madagascar and who himself had picked the vanilla beans we used." 

Justin from MD:
"I enjoyed making this recipe.  It was easier than I thought it would be.  The house smelled great while the pears were roasting!  I topped some of the pears with pecans for a nice crunch." 

Bernie - GA
"This is my second time making these so I tried a little twist.  Instead of cloves, I used a combination of nutmeg and cinnamon.  I used vanilla paste instead of bean and used an unknown variety of pear from a local farm and they worked nicely!  The aroma and warmth from these pears were perfect for this cold autumn evening.  These pears would probably be great as part of many other desserts but are perfectly good just by themselves.  I saved a couple pieces to go on my oatmeal for breakfast.  I love the caramel sauce." 
Doreen - WI
"This was the perfect fall dessert!  My house smelled wonderful while the pears were baking.  I did use only half the amount of sugars called for in the recipe and the sauce had just the right amount of sweetness.  I am actually writing notes in my book so I can truly make this an heirloom for my own family!" 

Liz from CA
"My husband baked these pears and we enjoyed them.  Fred and Bear are serious about posing - best in class presentation?  I think so!"

Missy from MA: 
"The rich vanilla and spice caramel sauce really made this recipe shine.  I halved this recipe but still made a full batch of the caramel sauce, as I had a feeling it would be delicious.  I stored the rest in a squeeze bottle in the fridge and we had it warm on vanilla ice cream later in the week.  SO good!" 

Rebecka - PA
" Soo yummy!  I didn't have vanilla beans but vanilla extract worked well.  A splash of cream really puts the final touch on this easy but elegant recipe." 

John in MI
"My twist on this recipe is the addition of a very simple almond cream, made up of toasted chopped almonds, cream, greek yogurt, a little sugar and egg yolks.  I also added some cubed red wine jelly. ( 2 pkg unflavored gelatin softened in a cup of red wine, bring another cup of red wine and a 1/2 cup sugar to boil.  Add to gelatin/wine mixture , pour into a shallow square dish.  Chill for at least 2 hours, and cut into small cubes.)  Both additions are just as simple to whip up as the pears themselves! I feel I could have done more with presentation, but I've always been more for simple and elegant.  I feel I've given a super simple and quick dessert a fancy and elegant look and taste! For a light crunch, there is a sprinkling of toasted chopped almonds over the pears." 

Sue in NJ
".. perfect way to end a fall meal!" 

Kenn (me!) from MI
"These pears were absolutely delicious!  The pear infused butter/sugars/vanilla mixed with heavy cream made the most heavenly caramel sauce.  I thought about pairing them (no pun intended) with a bit of whipped cream or ice cream, but loved them as a stand-alone dessert. "

Amy from MA created this beautiful pear presentation served with almonds for some crunch and coffee flavored ice cream. 

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  1. I must say, kudos to everyone; you all did a wonderful job! I'm a sucker for simplicity so it was a toss up between Bernie from GA and Kenn from MI. That said, since Kenn is hosting this, I'll have to go with Bernie.