Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cinnamon Bun Bundt Cake

It didn't take long for our "Beekman Bakers" to embrace our week three recipe selection! 

Allison from MA
"My first Beekman Heirloom dessert!  I don't have a stand mixer but was able to do some mixing with the hand mixer, then the rest by hand.  The kitchen smells delicious!  We will enjoy it for breakfast in the morning!"

Carrie from OR
"I decided to add a "Fresh from Oregon" taste to the Cinnamon Bundt cake.  I added 1/2 cup of finely chopped hazelnuts and 1/2 cup of chopped dried cranberries to the filling.  I needed to add an extra tablespoon of melted butter too.  I made a confectioners' sugar glaze and sprinkled some hazelnuts and dried cranberries on top.  This recipe will make a great addition to my Thanksgiving morning brunch." 

Justin from MD
"This was a fun recipe to make.  I never used a bundt pan before.  I am happy with the way it turned out!  We bought the retro cake stand at a thrift shop (for $5) in Sharon Springs this year at the Harvest Festival.  We also met the fabulous Beekman Boys!" 

John from MI
"Perfect, I think.  Simply made per the recipe and finished this at 1am!  It's going to make a fabulous breakfast treat!"

Maria from IL
"I really liked this recipe.  It was very easy to follow and the dough was easy to work with.  I used more brown sugar to get more of a gooey-factor, but I had technical difficulties with my oven, so I think it did not achieve gooeyness.  I put my own twist on this recipe by making a cream cheese glaze and slathered my cake with it.  I bet it taste just like a cinnabon!  Though, my house smelled like a Cinnabon store and it was hard to not drool!  I think next time I make this I will add in some chopped apples.  Wonderful dessert!"

Missy from MA
"What a lovely, traditional cinnamon roll recipe.  Who doesn't love cinnamon rolls?!  Layering them in the bundt cake pan really elevated the presentation factor.  I must say, because I recognized this recipe as the quintessential cinnamon roll recipe, I felt compelled to kick it up a bit.  My family are huge fans of orange cinnamon rolls.  However, usually they are the cheap, unhealthy, fairly low quality treat bought in the refrigerated section at the supermarket.  To make these rolls "mine" I first added orange zest to the brown sugar and cinnamon filling.  Then, I glazed the finished cake with a simple confectioner's sugar glaze made of powdered sugar, freshly squeezed orange juice and orange zest.  They were amazing!"

Kenn from MI
"I've never been much of a 'yeast dough' baker - but this was easy!  I loved the scent in the kitchen as this baked...perfect for a Halloween night.  I was inspired by Anne from MI and decided to add a light glaze/icing.  I added a half tsp. of cinnamon to the confectioner sugar.. outstanding!"

Amy from MA
"This was TO DIE FOR!  I followed it to the letter and actually had to leave for a couple hours so it was extra puffy at the second rise.  I recommend letting them go longer that 45 minutes while in the pan for the second rise.  They will double a second time making the cake very light.. about an hour and a half."

Bernie from GA
"The wonderful aroma of this bundt perfumed the entire house today.  I discovered my buttermilk had gone bad and decided to take a chance and use Greek yogurt instead.  It worked beautifully.  I started the dough in the stand mixer and then switched to the dough hook and let the mixer do the kneading.  My cake does not look as pretty as the one in the book, but it sure was gobbled up quickly.  We enjoyed it with a fresh pot of coffee.  I might try a glaze on it the next time I make it." 

Minka from MA
"So soft and doughy and yummy right out of the oven!" 

Anne in MI
"These are so good that Dan (husband) took "two to go" and flew them to Dallas with him for his work week!  I added an icing drizzle of powdered sugar / hot water." 

Sue in NJ
"I can't wait to make it again!"

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  1. Amy - I agree letting it rise longer will make it very light and fluffy. Just tasted mine this morning and it was great! :9 I had to leave my dough for like 3 hours so, it worked out well! :)